BOUKOUVALAS, JOHN, SONS O.E. is active in the industry of cheese and dairy products since 1958.

Following a course of sustainable development, whilst also maintaining its family and flexible character, the company has evolved into a modern enterprise producing authentic, sheep and goat cheese products that can satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

The company puts its focus on quality and plans to expand the variety of its products to new cheese variants of high added value in useful, innovative packaging.

We are constantly investing in upgrading our technological equipment as well as the production and storage areas of our products.

μπουκουβαλας τυροκομικα προϊοντα


Our principles are quality, reliability and corporate social responsibility. Our concern is the satisfaction, health and safety of the modern consumer, by offering authentic, delicious traditional cheese products of exceptional quality, long tradition and high nutritional value.


Our vision is to connect the name Boukouvalas with quality and authenticity, while also making it synonymous to Greek cheese tradition in the consciousness of the customers and consumers both in Greece and the international market.


Our goal is to collect the pure sheep and goat milk of our region and transform it into authentic, high-quality traditional cheese products able to satisfy even the most demanding consumer. That way our company is aiming to contribute to the economic development of the wider region.


The establishment

In 1958 Sotirios Boukouvalas establishes a sole proprietorship and begins the cheese-making tradition of the family, with the first cheese factory in the mountainous SMIXI, GREVENA in his place of origin, producing Feta.


Manouri, kasseri & whey cheeses

In 1980, Ioannis Boukouvalas takes over the reins of the family business, expanding the variety of cheese products by adding manouri, kasseri and whey cheeses.


Construction of a new cheese factory

In 1997, the company builds up a brand-new modern cheese factory in its current location, in Tyrnavos, which is a focal point for the collection of the raw material: the high-quality pure sheep and goat milk.


Light & Goat cheese

In 2005 the company, with the third generation climbing to the management of the family business, is transformed into a general partnership with the name “BOUKOUVALAS, JOHN, SONS O.E.” and continues to this day its upward course by investing in upgrading the factory’s mechanical equipment and in the improvement and expansion of the building facilities. Responding to new trends and the demands of modern consumers for products that ensure health and well-being while maintaining the exact same quality, our company launched the light cheese with only …% fat and rich flavor as well as the highly nutritious goat cheese.


Installation of modern mechanical equipment & exports

In 2010, our company proceeded installed state-of-the-art mechanical equipment for the packaging of its products with the purpose of expanding sales in the international market. Since then, the exports of both Feta cheese P.D.O as well as other products, are constantly growing with more and more satisfied customers. Today, our company exports its products to more than ten countries, always aiming for new partnerships and more satisfied consumers. Σήμερα η εταιρεία εξάγει τα προϊόντα της σε πάνω από δέκα χώρες ,έχοντας πάντα ως στόχο νέες συνεργασίες και περισσότερους ικανοποιημένους πελάτες.